History of Melrose

As one of the oldest towns in South Australia, Melrose is steeped in rich history and Bluey Blundstone’s is no exception.

Initially, it was the discovery of copper on the slopes of Mount Remarkable which put Melrose on the map. The Mount Remarkable Mining Company was granted a Special Survey across 20,000 acres to mine copper in 1846, however, this was short lived and the company dissolved in 1851.

Despite this, Melrose continued to grow thanks to the region’s rich resources which attracted farmers, timber-getters and trades people. As one of the only established towns in South Australia’s north, Melrose was known as the ‘Emporium of the North’ for many years. 

Stuart Street Melrose – Postal Truck Delivers the mail – Circa 1940’s

Circa 1900

The Old Melrose Bakery – Circa 1966

Bluey Blundstone’s Blacksmith Shop late 1800’s